How to get started with Wharf

Mar 5, 2024

Blue Flower

Wharf is an in-browser assistant that automates repetitive online tasks. We’ve initially trained it to automate repetitive tasks on web apps like LinkedIn / Apollo (it can support others as well). Think of any use case where you have to manually click through lots of profiles in a filtered search and take an action: the Wharf Chrome extension can churn through that work for you! Over time, Wharf will support more use cases based on your feedback :)

Install the extension here

From the chrome menu bar, find Wharf extension to open the popup. You will see option to Sign up or Sign in

  1. Once signed in, goto a page that has a list of links that you want to act on.

    1. Note: Wharf won’t work on Google Sheets/ Gmail at the moment

  2. There you can enter the task you want (you will see a sample task filled in). Please be as explicit as possible! E.g. what it should do if something doesn’t exist.

  3. Enter the number of results you want Wharf to process. Once you have the information, Click Start Task.

  4. Give it a few seconds, Wharf will spit out a detailed task based on your description. Review, and edit that. When it looks good, click Let’s go.

  5. For each specific task, it will open a new tab in the same window. Please feel free to minimize this window (but make sure the computer doesn’t goto sleep)

  6. You can track the work through the overlay you see on the bottom right. Sometimes it may show information that may not be relevant, so don’t worry about what you see there (we double check that work).

  7. You can get the output from the options page at any time (you can access Options by clicking the Options button in the popup)

  8. You can see all the tasks in the extension options page!

  9. Optional: Pin the extension so its easier to use